Scottish winter round up

scottish winter

My Scottish winter season always seems to come to an end as quickly as it started, and this year was no exception. Its hard to believe that Ive already been home for over two weeks, Scottish winter seems like a distant memory!

scottish winter
Blue skies on Fall out corner

In the seven weeks that I was there, Scottish winter never really felt like it got going. It was a frustrating and changeable season, with any periods on snow fall being immediately decimated by warm temperatures. Certainly the most challenging season that I can remember. Thankfully I managed to have a bit of luck towards the end of my time in Scotland, with some fantastic weather coinciding with four days off….winner!!

scottish winter
Ben styling the crux corner of coronary bypass

I managed to get two great days out with Duncan, and after climbing Fallout corner we had a great adventure on Scorpion the following day. The good weather and climbing conditions last for another few days and after my two days with Duncan I hooked up with Ben for a day in Lochain followed by a short day on the mess of pottage.

I have always struggled to get the balance right between work and personal climbing in Scotland, so it was great to be able to come to the end of my Scottish winter season with four cracking days of excellent climbing and good banter. Days spent in the hills with friends are hard to beat!

Scottish winter
Sandra Ireland North

Before heading home I had two days of work for Tollymore with the volunteers of SARDA Ireland North. As a member of this organisation myself it was a very relaxed couple of days out in the hills. We had two very contrasting days of weather and spent both days journeying whilst covering a range of winter skills.

As I drove towards the ferry it was hard to believe I was on my way home, but already the frustrations of the winter were fading from memory. Its the days when it all comes together that stick in your mind, and it doesn’t take to many to make you forget a lot of bad ones. Scottish winter can be an allusive beast, but when its good its hard to beat, til next time Scotland!

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