Sioux Wall, Sliding and snowy slabs!

Been out and about in the hills quite alot of the last few days, thrusday saw me up on the Ben with Adam. He was keen to get onto the Sioux wall, this is a stunning mixed route, but much harder than anything I have ever climbed in winter before, so i was keen to follow him up and get some harder mixed climbing experience under my belt! The route was amazing, pretty steep in places with very thin feet, at times it deffinately felt like abit of a battle! It was a great day, brilliant route and brilliant weather, plenty of people out and about making the most of it.

Me, about to pull through the steep ground onto the slab.
No matter how much your struggling, theres always time for a smile!

Headed up to Aonach Mor on Friday with John and Adam, both John and myself are spending alot of time this winter getting prepared for our MIC assessments, so the aim was to get out with Adam who has been a very active MIC for quite a few years and run through a few things, mainly looking at short roping and testing it to destruction, meaning that we spent quite alot of time sliding down slopes all tied together, felt quite exciting at times! It was a great day, 11.00am start and back for a massive feed at about 3pm, very leisurely.

John enjoying the sunshine on Aonach Mor.

Saturday, Mikey and myself headed east to hook up with Ben for a day in the Cairngorms. We arrived in a very windy carpark to watch lots of people who had attempted to head into the corries walking back out, it wasnt looking to promising! We decided to give it a bash anyway, better to go have a look than never know. We headed up into T-Sneachda, the wind wasnt as bad as it had seemed from the car, and was forcast to drop as the day went on, so we made reasonable progress into the corrie. We decided to head up to the Mess of Pottage and get on the Haston line, a great route, with a lovely first pitch, it was the first time id been on mixed ground in the cairngorms in a while, it was deffinately abit of a shock to the system being back on snow covered slabs, where your never quite sure what your standing on. The crag was reasonably sheltered, and the wind dropped as forcast, making for a pleasant walk back out to the car park, then it was straight to the chip shop, athletes!!

Mikey, looking very wintery
The belays felt proper wintery today, but the guys still managed to keep smiling.
Ben finishing up the snow slope towards the last belay.

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