Over the sea to Skye!

The last few months have been reasonably busy for me. With a mixture of rope access and climbing work, its been a bit of a juggling act being to be able to fit in some personal days out. Thankfully I’ve managed to squeeze bits and pieces of my own climbing in with a few days out in the Mournes and also a little further afield.

Oberon, Ben Crom (Photo: Pawel Slaby)
Finger Freeze, Upper Cove (Photo: Craig Hiller)
Bridging on superb Wicklow granite
As much as I love working at home its always nice to get away, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been over on the Isle of Skye, doing a bit of work in the Cuillins for Skye guides.
A room (tent) with a view!
Within the UK and Ireland the Cuillins are a unique set of hills. Although relatively small on a geographical scale their complex nature means getting around safely is a massive undertaking, and for their size they certainly pack a good punch! As a result the Cuillins can be an incredibly challenging and time consuming place to work, with slick rope work and good route finding being essential for a successful day out.
So far I have really been enjoying my time here, it has been a great opportunity to put a lot of skills which I rarely get to use back home into practice, and it has certainly been keeping me on my toes! Its also been great getting to spend so much time on the ridge, and im slowly starting to learn where all the little short cuts, and more importantly the dead ends are!
The mighty In-Pinn
The misty In-Pinn!
Family ascent of Blà Bheinn
On top of Sgurr a Ghreadaidh
As well as getting out in the hills I’ve also been lucky enough to get to explore some of the sea cliff climbing on offer around Skye, through both work and play.
Exploring the crags at Neist point on a day off.
Satish Abing in for his first taste of sea cliff climbing
Still smiling, I think he’s hooked!
 I have one more week left on the Island, and if its anything like the previous few its sure to be a good one!

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