Rock Climbing Instructor Award

Rock climbing instructor award

The Rock Climbing Instructor scheme enables experienced rock climbers to instruct climbing on single pitch crags and artificial climbing walls and towers in the UK and Ireland.

It is aimed at active, experienced rock climbers with a genuine interest in climbing and supervising groups. Once qualified, a Rock Climbing Instructor will be able to teach climbing skills and manage groups safety whilst climbing, bouldering and abseiling.

Before attending a training course participants must have met the following prerequisites:

Before attending an assessment course participants must have met the following prerequisites:

Rock climbing instructor
Rock Climbing Instructor Award syllabus

Training Dates:

Training courses are run over three days and cost £260.

Assessment Dates:

Assessments are run over two days and cost £180.


Reassessments are generally run on a 1:1 basis and cost £150

Contact us for booking, and to discuss reassessments or alternative dates.

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