Intro to multi-pitch climbing (2 Day)

Intro to multi pitchThe Intro to multi-pitch climbing course is for those with previous rock climbing experience and aims to introduce you to climbing multi-pitch routes on bigger cliffs.

When we take our rock climbing skills into the multi-pitch environment suddenly we have a whole new set of considerations and decisions to make. The Intro to multi-pitch climbing course focuses around managing this new set of potential problems to keep your transition into the world of multi-pitch climbing as tangle free as possible!

Course content

The majority of teaching will take place on multi-pitch routes, allowing skills to be looked at in a realistic setting. The structure of the course will be fairly flexible to suit the varying levels of participants experience, however main topics to be covered may include:

Each day will start with a general introduction at an agreed meeting point, giving the instructor an opportunity to discuss individual aims and objectives for the day.


Contact Jonny directly to arrange dates for the Intro to multi pitch courses.


£190 per person

Not quite sure if your ready for multi-pitch? Our learn to rock climb and learn to lead courses will help you build upon the basics before getting onto the bigger routes.

For more information or booking contact Jonny Parr Climbing.