Been out and about in the hills quite alot of the last few days, thrusday saw me up on the Ben with Adam. He was keen to get onto the Sioux wall, this is a stunning mixed route, but much harder than anything I have ever climbed in winter before, so i was keen to follow […]

Ive been pretty busy the last 6 days, queens mountaineering club have been over on their annual scottish winter trip and myself and John Orr have been out working with them.We started the week of with a two day intro to winter skills, heading into buachaille etive beag on the first day, then up into […]

Bit of a stinker today, windy with shower after shower moving through, the plan had been to go do something low on the Ben, but after looking out the window this morning bed was much more appealing!  After chatting with a few guys who went up and had a look i was reassured that bed had […]

I have been putting off jumping onto the blogging band wagon for far too long now, so i thought what better time to get started than the beginning of my winter season! Once again I have made the winter migration over to Scotland, where i am based in Fortwilliam until the end of march. The plan is to […]