Its been quite sometime since my last post, so I thought it was about time to get back on the blogging band waggon! The last few months has been pretty busy, with the usual visits to Scotland for some winter action, and of late there have been some unusual visits to the mournes for some winter […]

My summer got of to a great start with the trip out to Lofoten in June, one of the great things about being away climbing and exploring in new areas is that it massively revives your enthusiasm, so I arrived home super psyched and ready for a summer of rock climbing……it wasn’t to be. Due to a pretty damp summer […]

 The view towards our campsite June got off to a great start for me this year when I was lucky enough to visit the stunning Lofoten islands. This is somewhere that I had heard about for a long time and had always really appealed to me. It is situated well up in the Arctic circle, off the west coast of […]

The last few days has seen me spend quite a bit of time in a boat, which has left me feeling super keen to get back into the hills….but what a great four days! On Monday I was lucky enough to be involved with celtic crossing challenge, this is a group of local firefighters who […]

Ive been fairly busy since my last post, doing a range of work for tollymore and mountain sojourns, however last week, I had a few days off so decided to get away for a bit of an adventure! The weather wasn’t looking great, with reasonably strong winds blowing in from the northwest, so we decided to […]

Its been a reasonably busy week, with a good mix of work and play, despite the weather! The week kicked off with a bit of work for Tollymore. The work was all on site and I was finished up by dinner time each day, giving myself and the other staff a good opportunity to get out […]

Myself and Eddie found ourselves at a lose end yesterday after a potential bit of last minute work fell though. With the forecast set to be showery in the afternoon we decided to go for a paddle, rather than get a soaking on the crags. We had both heard of the Dorn in Strangford, but […]

Last night I headed out to the bothy on strangford lough with the Tuesday night paddlers. There were 10 of us in total, heading out to the bothy from various locations. Six, including myself, put on at the shore road, just outside killyleagh. From the get in, we paddled out and around gibbs island before making our way down to salt island […]

Its been a busy few days, I spent Monday to Friday working on an ML assessment for Tollymore. Monday and Tuesday were spent in the mournes looking at general navigation and steep ground work, the weather was a real mixed bag, with rain, sleet and snow all making an appearance! Wednesday morning saw us heading to donegal […]

At the minute I’m in the middle of a little block of work for tollymore, which started of with 3 days of multi-activity work with an adventure club from the Isle of Man. I had met most of the guys on a similar trip the year before, so it was great to see them back […]