Playing in the snow

Today I headed back into Lochain with the guys, on day 4 of their mountaineering course with tollymore. The forecast was giving it to be showery in the east so we decided to go for a shorter day on the hill, giving the legs a bit of a rest after our tramp around the plateau yesterday.
We made our way back up onto the snowslope that we had used on day one, the idea being to expand on the snow craft skills looked at earlier in the week. We started by having a look at buried axe belays and placing dead men, before putting our snow bollard skills to the test by abseil down a small face in the slope. We finished of the day having a look at snow shelters. The rain finally arrived as the guys finished off, so we knocked things on the head and dandered back out to the car park. The weather is looking better again for tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll get to finish the week off with another big day out journeying around the hills.

Preparing bollards in our little patch of winter
Paul going over the edge!
Paul and Lee enjoying their snow shelter


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