About Me

Jonny Parr is a freelance mountaineering instructor based in Northern Ireland.

“I have spent the last 16 years climbing and paddling in various parts of Europe and further afield, but no matter where I end up its always good to get home to wee Northern Ireland!

I have been working in the outdoor industry since 2005, and have worked for a variety of providers throughout the UK and Ireland. During this time I have been working my way through the MLT awards and have attained the MIC allowing me to work throughout the UK and Ireland in both summer and winter, instructing all aspects of climbing and mountaineering.

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to do some rope access work, so when im not instructing I can usually be found hanging about cleaning windows in Belfast, keep an eye out for the streaks!

As well as climbing and mountaineering I also do a lot of sea Kayaking. My dream trip would be to combine the two and paddle into some remote fjord and do a bit of climbing well off the beaten track!”

What is an MIC?

The Mountaineering Instructor Certificate is the higher qualification within the Mountaineering Instructor scheme.

MIC holders are qualified to instruct all aspects of mountaineering, both summer and winter, including rock climbing, scrambling and technical snow and ice climbing and winter mountaineering. MIC award holders have already passed the MIA and Winter Mountain Leader(Winter ML), after which they undertake further training and assessment in teaching winter climbing and mountaineering to obtain the MIC.